Exceptional Venues, Unforgettable Events

Experience a unique, cost-effective, and efficient venue for your meetings with CruiseMeetings. With over 35 years of experience, we specialize in crafting and executing world-class professional conferences and Continuing Medical Education (CME) cruises aboard cruise ships. Our floating venues deliver a refreshing change of scene, inspiring attendees with a stimulating blend of professional enrichment and leisure activities, all set against the backdrop of some of the world’s most stunning destinations. Our dedicated team of experts stands by you every mile of the journey, providing a seamless, stress-free planning experience. Step aboard and redefine your conference goals at sea

Included Amenities

Take advantage of the unique conveniences and bundled amenities that only a cruise can offer. Your floating venue comes with the benefit of all-inclusive pricing that covers top-notch accommodation, world-clas service, and an assortment of complimentary dining options. Also included is a range of onboard entertainment and activities for all ages. Meeting facilities aboard ships are state-of-the-art and cost effective, and additional food and beverage service is available for a nominal fee. Hosting your meeting on a cruise offers significantly more value for money than a resort or other land-based venue.

Effortless Planning

Beginning with a detailed consultation, we partner with you to discern your goals, then research to recommend the ideal ship and destination to meet your unique requirements. Worried about promotional or operational support? We’ve got it covered. Our team develops a bespoke promotional site for your event and manages email marketing campaigns. Additionally, we offer a 6-day live service for inquiries and reservations, and coordinate vital logistics such as air transportation and special in-port events. For medical groups, we even offer CME Joint Accreditation for your meetings. Transform your meeting planning experience with CruiseMeetings.

Our Cruise Partners

We can arrange your meeting with any cruise line, but these are some of our most popular partners.